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Add or remove elements and blocks on a drawing. Simplify and synchronize edits by using logical modeling and block layout tools, without the need for manual editing.Export and import from Excel, Power Query, and CSV files and TextPad files, opening them into your drawings and adding or removing elements and blocks as you import data.Quickly explore your drawing with command shortcuts, changes to the way the ribbon is organized, new video tutorials, and more.Improve drawing consistency by using a template, assigning and retaining a layer, or using layers and groups.Introducing AutoCAD Drawing Style Manager:Share, collaborate, and export your work to other AutoCAD applications, including 3ds Max, SolidWorks, and Inventor. Share up to five styles of a drawing, or even the entire drawing, and apply them to other drawings.Take advantage of improved CAD/CAM tools, including D-Frame Subtractive for cutting and trimming, D-Frame Additive for adding, and D-Frame Bump for adding textures.Use Autodesk® Sketchbook™ mobile for exploring the ideas and concepts of your work.Introducing Industry-Standard Data Tags for Electrical and Electronics Systems:You’ll be able to easily mark the elements of an electrical or electronic system with standard data tags, including amps, volts, resistors, and capacitors.Learn how to create a 3D part.New in AutoCAD 2-D:Creative Curve and Sliced Work:Use parametric curves to create work that is both clean and graphic. Add and edit curves through the Parametric Work space.Create, edit, modify, and cut curves using the new Tools and Commands. Use the new option to edit curved objects and editable curves directly in the Curve Editor.Explore the new Freeform Shape tool for quickly sketching or editing any shape. Use a live feedback line to see how your path will affect the drawing. Create entire shapes from lines, arcs, 2be273e24d

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