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Bortero is a prescription medicine available in the composition of 2mg and comes in the form of an injection. This injection is given to those patients who are experiencing either multiple myeloma or mantle-cell lymphoma diseases. This medicine is capable of stopping or slowing down the cancerous cells from increasing further in your body. This medication is to be given as an injection only by a medical practitioner. You need to follow your doctor’s guidance in taking the dosage of this medicine. If it is not taken in the right way, then it might lead to serious side effects. Purchase the bortero 2mg injection price from Magicine Pharma now to get 5% off!


Dasacine is an anti-cancer prescription medicine available in the composition of 50mg and comes in the form of tablets. This tablet is taken into account for treating blood cancer (chronic myeloid leukemia). This medicine’s use is focused especially on those patients who didn’t receive any effects from other medications in the treatment of leukaemia or are going through side effects due to them. You can consume these tablets with or without food at the same time of the day to get more advantages of this medicine. The dose of this medicine completely depends on your doctor’s directions. Get the dasatinib tablets 50 mg price from Magicine Pharma today!



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