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Palbociclib is an approved medicine for certain cancers. It is used for the treatment of women diagnosed with breast cancer. It specifically helps manage tumors that are human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative. This medication is sold under the brand names Palbace and Ibrance. Palbociclib capsule is available in the dose strength of 125mg. It may show side effects like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness, and loss of taste. Magicine Pharma sells palbociclib 125 mg price in india at up to 35% off with fast shipping services globally.

afatinib 40 mg

Afatinib, sold as Gilotrif, is a prescription medicine for cancer. It is approved for the treatment of patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. The medication is expected to interfere with the epidermal growth factor receptor gene mutations. Gilotrif is available in the form of oral tablets of strength 40mg. The side effects of afatinib 40 mg price in india may include frequent urination, fever, dry eyes, and dizziness. Get such specialty medicines for cancer on Magicine Pharma. Save 25% on your first online order and get delivery within a few days



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